Seven Year Dream

Seven long years, it’s seven years that I have spent

On changing my own ways

Long, long wrong talks and quiet mornings

I’ve sat in reoccurring dreams

Only long hair and her pale pale forward eyes

Spinnin’ lies off of my ears

I take what’s needed and I take what I’m told to be

I am sown and I am seemed

Well, you can’t walk with the devil

No you must stride

Yes, lay your thoughts on the table

And yes girl you must lie

Well it’s a heard often, loose talkin’ widowed, a widowed sigh

I hear voices and they’re makin’ choices to trade

What in a mirror appears a man

On his long thing arms are his watch and charms and he’s tied

So, he leaps up and he cries

Oh, he loved you and oh he thought he did

Missin’ issues where he hid

Bootless mornings and sleepless evenings he rode

Passin’ shadows on the road

Well, you can’t waltz with a stranger

No you must ride

Even though she ain’t with ya

She says she wants you by her side

Mary Lou says I’m a two-step too far for her

As she dresses up in fur

What was too soon to a step to saloons and bars

Sippin’ sorrow from the jars

Me, I’m set free like a war bound boy at sea

As he swims away and weeps

Washed up worn out on a davenport in the hall

That was no short dream at all