There’s no way home when you’re dead, you’re gone

So son you’d be better reelin’ it in some

That casual dining led to fishnet songs and times when life

Just couldn’t’ve been kinder

Sometimes it might be fine

When those late night diners pull their blinds

Somedays I feel well

Others I wake up whispering, “Hell”

If all of our bidding was on the quick foot horse

Whose hooves were whippin’ it and winnin’

Then we’d douse your dowry as if the days weren’t short and we

Honey, we weren’t grinnin’

Some weeks we’d make a fuss

When those late night corner stores closed their doors to us

Then we’d dance and went wild

Sipped some Chardonnay and smiled

You see my Mary came to me

Strong arms out on Charleston Harbor in the rain

These hard days I stay wrapped in sheets completely

Stripped and fed

Some Sundays I weep

Too drunk to whimper or speak

Of unstaged images of our skin

And how you gave them politely back as a friend

So I’ll sip some Chardonnay instead

Just give me Chardonnay instead

God I’ll take Chardonnay instead

I’ll sip some Chardonnay instead