Warm regards, – 25 may 2017







Jubal: (joo'-bal) A Jack Russell terrier, a Western film, a one hitter in Florida, a Confederate General, a son of Lamech, and a band.


Book I:

A beginning best summed up as an awkward transition through college into adult life. Jubal's debut album, Bloodroot (released in August 2015) arose out of a need to sell CDs while performing the most confusing regular gig in history at See Rock City. Rightfully named, the self-recorded album was tracked in a late 18th century cabin and really emphasizes their belief in songs origin's being rooted in simplicity.


Bloodroot showcases Jubal stripped-down and highlights their rich harmonies and songwriting style.


Book II:

After 2 years of performing and cutting their teeth with the first record, Jubal had largely outgrown and matured past Bloodroot. This lead the band to Austin, Texas to record with Sam Simmons of NÄM. Warm Regards, was released May 25th, 2017. The record kept true to their simple beginnings, but with a shift towards fuller instrumentation and a gradual integration of new members to the sound. As of 2018, Jubal consists of additional members: Matt Nelson (bass), Luke Bowers (drums), and Jake Smith (guitar).


Book III: currently in writing. Catch one of the dates below to be a part.



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Warm Regards, - May, 2017

 Bloodroot - August, 2015