For a Change

Well, I’m tamed, I’m teased by sleep

But I tell myself, “Boy time don’t weep”

There’s somethin’ in the way

That I take my steps day by day

I’ll wait by that cold Winter view

For a change in Blue

It grows late, frost fills the sill

And I’m tired, tired still

Now doll, I see tears splash

But remember, this too shall pass

And I’ll wait by that cold Winter wall

For a change at all

That wind blows through the corn

And it shatters my hopes of getting warm

I spot coyotes and oh they shake

Even in this hear harsh weather their hearts ache

And I’ll wait with that cold Winter wind

For a change to an end

My far off friend

Farther along, it won’t be too late

Farther along, we won’t have to wait

Farther along, I’ll feel your auburn hair

And farther away, I’ll meet you there